Pantaleo Laundry was founded over 20 years ago in 1990 and thanks to the dedication of the two new owners, it was completely renewed and modernized in 2012. Roberto and Alessio are both young and determined professionals, who are always ready to invest time, spirit and their own experience in this new business project. Roberto took over from his father the general management of the family-run laundry, so he is the one having the know-how in this sector. Roberto is now responsible for the client management and logistics. Alessio, having a strong international background in the exhibition industry, introduced new, innovative ways of working within the production process, in order to drive the company towards continous and long-term growth. He is responsible for the production flow management, planning and internal control of the accounting. As part of the innovation process launched by the new owners, the Pantaleo Laundry now has a completely new and modernized plant with a special attention to the provided services. The laundry offers home delivery service also for small clients, making B&Bs save time in their every-day activity.

Quality of the production and the provided service, reliability, professionality, keeping the delivery dates, fulfil the specific needs of every single client. These are the success factors of a supplier that is becoming a stable part of the Apulian tourism as a loyal partner for big and small restaurants and accomodation facilities.
Besides the professional cleansing which is the core business of the company, the Pantaleo laundry offers also the sheet rental service with remarkable economic advantages for the clients. A wide range of bedcloths, bathcloths and tablecloths is available at Pantaleo laundry in order to provide the most suitable items for every accomodation facility and restaurant. The rental service allows cost optimization, avoiding initial investments in sheets and a more efficient stock control without giving up on the constant quality of the items.

Roberto Pantaleo, owner, responsible for client relations and logistics
Alessio Pugliese, owner, responsible for production and planning


The cleansing cycle starts when the used sheets arrive in plant. The first phase is the sorting of the items according to the typology of the sheets. Right after sorting, the sheets are subject of an accurate washing process in the technologically innovative machines. Once the sheets are sanitized at the end of the washing process, they are ready to be dried, ironed and folded. Before packaging, the highly qualified quality control staff executes a last control of each item, which once packed, can be delivered back to the clients.


The Pantaleo Laundry, in order to guarantee a constant high quality of the service, follows a detailed and well-defined production process. In the washing cycle we use exclusively the professional product line of Christeyns, market leader company in the cleansing sector. The water is subject of an accurate treatment before every washing cycle. Due to the increased softness of the water, it’s much easier to remove the dirt from the textile and it allows us to use a reduced quantity of laundry detergent. We wash at a sligthly reduced temperature which removes patches and odors from the items yet guarantees a perfectly clean and smooth textile. Washing at a lower temperature is also the way to preserve the quality and the aspect of the sheets on long term. This way the items are much less strained and they will preserve their original quality. Due to the sanitization process at the end of the washing cycle, our items are completely lack of germs and bacteria and such process is controlled periodically on each item.

The Pantaleo laundry is keen on the environmental protection. Optimizing resources, limiting the use of detergents, washing at lower temperature. All these actions contribute to save energy, limit the emissions in the atmosphere and reduce the quantity of industrial waste.